Lucy Liu

10 Jun

The Golden Globes are another event where celebrities get to show off their new outfits and new looks. Unfortunately, it’s also the event where many celebrities will usually show off their bad clothing choices. Lucy Liu was one of the disasters with her stunning but not very flattering dress material. Although the dress in question […]

Elegant With A Tea Dress

22 Apr

The 50’s can be easily described as the golden age of fashion and femininity. Some of those dresses were definitely made to enhance a woman’s body and the tea dress is probably one of the most beautiful trends. Fortunately, this type of dress is actually a safe trend because it’s so classic you won’t feel […]

Spring Summer Trends

20 Feb

If you take a look at the 2019 fashion trends you will be extremely surprised. The newest styles make 2019 to seem more of a contradictory year. There are a few trends that can be considered to be the most influential themes of the year. Artistic and Avant-garde influences – clothes are not what they […]

Fashion accessories for summer

13 Jan

When the summer approaches, many people decide to spend their vacations on the beach, others – in the mountain. Regardless of how and where you plan to relax there are several summer accessories you have to put on your luggage. The dreaming days of you relaxing vacations will not be so charming and beautiful, without […]

The Oversized Reefer Jacket Is Certainly In This Season

2 Dec

While it has been in for years, the reefer jacket is still riding the wave and is very fashionable for this autumn and winter season as well. Whether we’re talking about the traditional dark blue men’s woolen reefer, some similar classic women’s model or the new, reinterpreted over the top design, the reefer is in […]

Brides Hair Style

11 Oct

The styling with loose long hair is very romantic. Loose hairstyle is feminine and very sexy, therefore the brides are not obliged to wear their long hairs up in the wedding day. The long hair may be left free not only on such a big personal ceremony, but also in evening parties or other special […]

Kim Kardashian

3 Sep

If you ever watched the news about the latest celebrities and fashion, you have most likely seen Kimberly Noel Kardashian, also known as Kim Kardashian. She has become quite famous recently over some events in her personal life but she is known as being a model, actress and television personality. She also has a reality […]

Jennifer Lopez

8 Jul

Everybody knows Jennifer Lopez as being a singer and pretty good one too. During her career she managed to get involved in a lot of different things and when she started out, her mind wasn’t even on singing, but on dancing and acting. She was fist seen as a dancer on the comedy show In […]

Naomi Campbell

17 May

Naomi Campbell is a famous British supermodel with a very controversial and interesting life.  She is probably one of the most popular models in the world and one of the top ranked black models. Her career as a model started when she was only 15 but she went public at the age of 7 when […]

Tops and Blouses

8 Apr

Spring and summer are seasons when we should enjoy wearing beautiful tops and free ourselves from jackets and sweaters. It’s time to celebrate femininity because the trends are all about that. Flower patterns are not only hot during the spring but they will also be super hot in the summer so make sure that you […]