4 Unusual Trends For 2015

26 Mar

There are some unusual trends being announced for 2015. Although next year things are going to be interesting, there is only so much you can do in the name of fashion. Here are some of the most unusual trends you may see in 2015.

Transparent outfits

This might be odd, but it seems to be the key to the next season trends. Whether we are talking about 90s sheer black blouses or, for more extreme types, complete sheer costumes, the trend is definitely a big one. Expect to see a lot of skin next season and also expect to notice really interesting combinations of various colours and materials.


Unusual textures

If you want trendy crazy outfits, there are some unusual textures you will surely love. There have been suggestions on the catwalk from Monique Lhuillier, Zuhair Murad or Rodarte, all interesting but quite unusual. If you want people to notice you, you will certainly love the unusual textures such as 3D patterns or even flower designs that are standing out.

Bulky Jewellery

When we say bulky jewellery, we really mean extremely big and unfinished looking pieces. These are a must for 2015 and will certainly become the centre of attention on a boring suit. Whatever you are thinking of, they are definitely available. Some fashion houses are actually using everyday items to incorporate in their jewellery, from pencils to big pieces of metal, all for the love of fashion.

Makeup Trends

Makeup trends have always contained some weird elements and no year has ever made an exception. This year, the pastel line seems to be the most unusual element, meaning that those who want to be trendy all they have to do is add the line on their eyelids as a single makeup element. The same goes for nails with just one line at the nail tip.

Big and wavy materials

There’s the bohemian trend that seems to be huge nowadays; however, things always go too far when some fashion houses decide that big is not big enough. We’ve seen a lot of huge outfits on the catwalk with layers upon layers of fabrics not to mention the style of pants that have been extremely popular. Whether they are long or short, the pants you will see on the 2015 catwalks will surely be wide and very fluttery so this unusual oversized trend seems to become a standard in the fashion world.

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