5 Things You Shouldn’t Believe About Replica Watches

22 Apr

No one can argue about the increasing popularity of fake watches. But the interesting thing is not observing their success, but determining what makes people buy these sorts of products. It seems that people decide to purchase a replica watch because they actually believe that the quality of these knockoffs is comparable to the one of the genuine watch, that buying a fake represents a good investment and that they will get the same satisfaction as when wearing the real timepiece. We can pretty much name 5 things that customers tend to believe about replica watches.

Fake watches will make you look stylish 

The truth is that a copy can’t improve your style. The only thing a replica will get you is ruining the way others see you. They will eventually be able to tell that it is a fake or they will suspect it. This will change the way they interact with you and for them you will be as phony as your watch.

Replicas are identical to the genuine watches

This is something that all replica websites say to make you buy their products. For those who aren’t very familiar with fake watches, a knockoff may seem quite similar to the genuine product, but the truth is that the difference is very obvious. All those who know a couple of things about the original watches will be able to immediately spot the difference. When this happens, you will feel embarrassed and you will regret the decision of purchasing a replica.

Knockoffs are cheap

No, replicas aren’t cheap. Just consider what other good quality genuine watches you could buy for the same price. A knockoff costs about $200 or more. Indeed, with this money you can’t purchase an original Rolex, but you can still buy a very good quality automatic watch, a very stylish and authentic one. And when I say this I mean affordable genuine models like Tissot, Citizen or Seiko.

Fake watches are equipped with a Swiss or a Japanese mechanism

All replica factories are based in China so there is no way they are using a Swiss or Japanese movement. It is very difficult to import this type of movement and it is also very expensive. All fake watches use a Chinese made mechanism that replicates the functionality of high end movements. This isn’t the worst part. The worst part is that the quality control is very poor and usually these fakes are shipped with serious manufacturing problems. And when you get it you discover that your watch does not work well, that it doesn’t keep proper time or that it stops while wearing it.

Replicas are very resistant

Fakes aren’t made to last that long. The people who make them do not care that much about quality. They need to produce a watch that looks similar to the authentic product so they can convince you to purchase it online. The quality of the materials isn’t that important. Customers who have bought these type of replicas and have suffered their share of sorrow know that a solid stainless steel replica with an automatic movement can discolor in time, the movement can stop, the hour markers or hands can unglue from the dial or it can even fall apart while you are wearing it.

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