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Silk Bridal Purse by Oscar de la Renta

27 Feb

A highly elegant bride, wearing an innocent white dress and holding a decadent looking purse… this is probably the image Oscar de la Renta’s creative geniuses had in mind when they designed this exquisite model. As the New York based famous fashion designer has already proved it by his previous award winning collections, there is […]

Sheer Dress

14 Jan

If you are fearless and you really want to shock with your trendy look, a sheer dress will definitely do the trick. A sheer dress is a dress made from an almost transparent material that will show everything. Not a style for those who can’t pull it off, this is definitely something for those of […]

Replica Breitling Watches

9 Dec

Inspired by military devices Breitling watches have a reputation full of seriousness and elegance. Having this diver’s palette of models from which you can choose it is sometimes very hard to decide which is the model that will fit your personality entirely. People wear accessories for a reason; they want to tell something about themselves, […]

Colors in Fashion

29 Oct

Color is one of the main characteristics of each ensemble and you have to choose it carefully. Incorrectly selected, the colors of clothing and accessories can completely destroy the impression. Even the most fashionable dresses or suits can worsen the proportions of your figure and color of the face. A well-chosen combination of classic colors […]

Perfect Earrings

18 Sep

Earrings are probably the most fascinating fashion items. They have been around since mankind and they are definitely an important part of our everyday life. There are many types of earrings as there are many ways to pierce your earring. The classic earring is worn hanged on the ear lobe but some prefer more earrings […]

Tyra Banks – A Worldwide Role Model

5 Aug

Tyra Banks is an American model and one of the most famous African American ad faces and being one of the original Victoria’s Secret Angels. She is extremely successful in the media as she is an actress, occasional singer, businesswoman and author. If there is a model that can be considered multi-talented, that model in […]

Daniella Kallmeyer

17 Jun

If there’s a word that would describe the designs of Daniella Kallmeyer, it is global. Her beautiful patterns will be appreciated by many as they symbolize the way cultures brought together create beautiful pieces of art. She is actually born in South Africa and managed to get a lot of inspiration from that beautiful culture. […]

Christian Dior

3 May

“The woman is more attractive after 35 years, when her first youth is passed, her personality is formed and she feels she needs to be chic”… This sentence belongs to Christian Dior. The history of Dior fashion house is actually the history of its designers. Different, powerful, unpredictable, incomprehensible, but put together they create a […]

Small Fashion Items That Fit In A Handbag

15 Mar

What is in a woman’s handbag remains a mystery but there are a few fashion items that are sure to be in there. These are essentials that every woman should have and they guarantee a fashionable look no matter the occasion. While they might be small, their importance can be huge and they always change […]

Chanel Quilted Bag

4 Feb

Easily combined with jeans or with an evening gown, the quilted bag designed by Chanel is independent of trends and of the passing of time. This item considered a timeless classic emerged in the year of 1955, in February and took its name after this date (2.55). Gabrielle Chanel, who had already created the first […]