Black And White Are Here To Stay

14 Jan

It is no longer news that bright colors are in this season; we have already seen a glimpse of what to expect and every famous fashion house has presented their most marvelous creations in some of the most exciting colors. We have seen orange, red, blue and green combined to create unique fashion items that make for the perfect 2012 outfit. Both men’s and women’s clothing has something different this year and as it is just beginning, we will surely get to see much more when the spring comes.

Aside from all these great and colorful designs, there is still something that stands out. Black and white styles have not really gone away, actually they are still very much in fashion and this is quite interesting. Usually, when a new season comes with different ideas, the ones that past are quickly set aside. This year seems to be the exception as we will most likely get to see bright colors alongside black and white designs walking down the catwalk.


Fashion items that have this two tone design are still holding their strong position from the previous season. The style has changed a bit and geometric shapes are mixed in with smooth lines in an attempt to get something new out of the classic two colors. Taking a look at what most fashion critics have to say, it is easy to see that it worked and that we are not yet ready to say goodbye to these two colors.

The styles are still pretty much the same as the colorful outfits and designers are looking to make everything sweet and feminine but at the same time offer a mature and serious side. All these combinations of colors and styles make it difficult to know exactly what the artist was trying to say but this is part of the charm for 2012. There are basically fashion items for everyone and in so many colors that will surely take hours until you find the right one. The fact that black and white designs are with us in 2012 is great and seeing some classical shades in a sea of bright colors is always welcomed.

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