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11 Oct

The styling with loose long hair is very romantic. Loose hairstyle is feminine and very sexy, therefore the brides are not obliged to wear their long hairs up in the wedding day. The long hair may be left free not only on such a big personal ceremony, but also in evening parties or other special occasions, moreover if your long hair looks nice and is your big treasure. Fashion stylist David and Udi Bitton have recently presented their vision for romantic styling of beautiful, long hairs.

Curls are one of the female dreams. A fall of curls of different size makes the vision of the woman extremely tender. Especially curls are blond y – many brides would like to have such an “angel’s” vision in their wedding day. An interesting and not very usual option is to make a plait on one side of the head. In any case curly blond hair is very sexy! It is not necessary to remember Marilyn Monroe, but she is extremely good example…

Image by Constantin Butuc

A very elegant option is the semi tied up hairstyle. On the top of the head the hair has a volume, than a plait is used to tie the hair a bit and at the end the curls over the shoulders make the final full stop of the styling. Some accents may be placed in the plait to be in a combination with the wedding dress. This hairstyle is suitable for all type of long hairs. But there is an option especially for dark hairs: the hair is turned back so as the face is completely bare. Large curls are formed on the back of the bride. This hairstyle allows the make up on the face to be visible. Another possibility is to apply this hairstyle when the bride will wear a veil.

For the brides, who like very much their long, straight hair, the two designers have good proposals. The first one is to make a volume in the roots of the hair, leaving the ends straight. Than the whole hair has to be moved on one side of the head. It can be coupled with hair accents, i.e. small flowers. An extravagant version is to add tufts of lighter hair. For brides who like the Bohemian style, the second proposal is hair in casual-elegant style of disarranged tufts. Tufts can be in two or three similar shades of the basic hair color. The final decoration is with small white flowers on the top of the head.

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