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Silk Bridal Purse by Oscar de la Renta

27 Feb

A highly elegant bride, wearing an innocent white dress and holding a decadent looking purse… this is probably the image Oscar de la Renta’s creative geniuses had in mind when they designed this exquisite model. As the New York based famous fashion designer has already proved it by his previous award winning collections, there is […]

Small Fashion Items That Fit In A Handbag

15 Mar

What is in a woman’s handbag remains a mystery but there are a few fashion items that are sure to be in there. These are essentials that every woman should have and they guarantee a fashionable look no matter the occasion. While they might be small, their importance can be huge and they always change […]

Chanel Quilted Bag

4 Feb

Easily combined with jeans or with an evening gown, the quilted bag designed by Chanel is independent of trends and of the passing of time. This item considered a timeless classic emerged in the year of 1955, in February and took its name after this date (2.55). Gabrielle Chanel, who had already created the first […]

W PM in Veau Cachemire Pistache

6 Nov

You may be wondering what are all these letters and abbreviations doing in the name of a bag. Louis Vuitton decided to get creative not only when it’s about shapes and decorative elements, but also concerning product names. The W bag model owes its name to the shape of the bag, and it comes in […]

Why Louis Vuitton Bags Are So Popular

21 May

Louis Vuitton bags are very popular and the brand name can be easily recognized by almost anyone no matter where you are. It is this kind of popularity that makes every single item look glamorous and many people are willing to pay big bucks for one of them. Of course, it is not just about […]

Fashionable Handbags in 2015

22 Jan

This is the perfect time to start your 2015 wish list for cool accessories. The handbags that have been seen on the catwalks for next season are absolutely amazing ad they are all  pretty cool to own. Some of the new handbags have a cool fresh approach to them so if you like to have […]