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The Best Short And Medium Hairstyles in 2015

22 Jul

Short hairstyles have always held a special part in the world of fashion. While long, luscious hair has always been the desired look, regardless of what trends, what year or what influences was wreaking havoc on the runways in that year, short styled haircuts have been a sort of fringe look, reserved for artists, women […]

Trendy Influences in 2015

19 Jun

With 2015 just around the corner all fashionistas are preparing their wish list for the new season. There are a lot of unexpected trends they need to keep in mind and a lot of them contrast with the ones from 2014. One of the coolest influences you will find in 2015 is the cartoon style […]

4 Unusual Trends For 2015

26 Mar

There are some unusual trends being announced for 2015. Although next year things are going to be interesting, there is only so much you can do in the name of fashion. Here are some of the most unusual trends you may see in 2015. Transparent outfits This might be odd, but it seems to be […]

Chanel Style

13 Feb

Every woman knows the name of the famous Coco Chanel. Even today the style, developed by the French fashion designer, is a symbol of taste. And this symbol is spread far beyond the fashion. Chanel has created a revolution not only in vogue, but also in the mind of her contemporaries, helping women to get […]

Wide Belts

17 Oct

Wide belts are for sure fashion items you have to always have in your wardrobe. They look amazing with almost anything and you can easily transform a boring outfit into something really fabulous. So get yourself a cool looking wide belt and start looking amazing. The great thing about wide belts is the fact that […]

The Day Clutch

26 Sep

If you like wearing handbags but hate wearing those everyday ones and like a more elegant style, you will absolutely love the day clutch. This clutch is absolutely fabulous and it’s probably one of the newest types of bags that will probably be in trend forever. With a day clutch you get the elegance from […]

Fashion Trends After 40

11 Sep

It is very easy to be 20: all fashion trends and designers collections are developed towards the target group of young girls and women with still perfect bodies. But what women after 30 or 40, and even 50 can do? Should they star out of the border of fashion trends and wear the clothes of […]

Teenage Fashion

30 Aug

Teenagers are probably even more concerned with their physical aspect than adults, so it’s important to give them some good advice when it comes to trends because they can easily go wrong. Crazy Fashion – when it comes to crazy sub trends in fashion, teens will be the first to experiment them. There’s nothing wrong […]

Summer Accessories

15 Aug

If you are ready to soak the sun and you can’t wait for the vacation spent on the beach, you must first make sure you have everything in order. The swimsuit is of the latest fashion, the sunglasses are perfect and the sunscreen is at arm’s length. Of course we can’t forget the sandals to […]

Summer Fashion

11 Aug

We are looking forward to the new summer season and if you plan on hitting the beach, you might already be thinking about a new swimsuit. No matter where you are, fashion is not too far away. Let’s see what styles and cuts are in fashion this season so that you know what swimsuit to […]