Chanel Style

13 Feb

Every woman knows the name of the famous Coco Chanel. Even today the style, developed by the French fashion designer, is a symbol of taste. And this symbol is spread far beyond the fashion. Chanel has created a revolution not only in vogue, but also in the mind of her contemporaries, helping women to get rid of stereotypes.

Chanel has shown the femininity, dressed in men’s clothing. The style of the Chanel label includes elements from the traditional men’s wear: shorts, shirts, ties, jackets, suits and hats. She has demonstrated that such a wardrobe may emphasize the femininity, if worn properly, as Chanel did. For example, men’s trousers in combination with high heels: in this way the legs look longer and the waist – thinner.

According to the vision of the French designer, the clothes should focus on the best and most beautiful parts of female body: the chest and waist. She had converted the little black dress in a synonym of the female elegance. Before Chanel’s epoch, black was considered the color of mourning, whilst today it is a symbol of elegance and style.


If you would like to learn the rules of Coco Chanel’s style, you may find some suggestions here:

  • The little black dress. It always slims the figure and may be worn almost everywhere. Models with simple lines, sleeveless cut or small sleeves are the most appropriate. Chanel’s dress is plain, no frills, and brilliant jewels.
  • The Chanel suit. A suit with a Chanel label is really expensive, but you may found suits in typical Chanel cut almost in every department store. The jacket is collarless, with the same trim at the bottom as at the neckline. The jacket is short and looks like cardigan. The skirt is straight with knee length. It is interesting that Chanel did not find female knees as appropriate for showing. You will not see mini skirts in Chanel suits. Having a jacket of this type you may combine it always with a small black dress. The upper fabric of the Chanel suit is typically made of wool, usually boucle, whilst the lining is made of silk.
  • The shoes. If you would like to follow strictly the Chanel style, by sling back pumps in two tones (black and with or black and gray). Ballet flats in two tones are also typical combination. However, do not forget simple, classical shoes with high hills, especially when you are short and wear trousers. The best match is a purse in quilted fabric or leather. It has to have gold strap and to be worn on the shoulder.

Accessories. Gold and pearls were the best accessories for Coco Chanel. She tried to use them in simple and elegant way. You may follow the Chanel habit to mix genuine and ordinary jewelry as soon as this is done with a good taste. A pearl necklace for the small black dress or a golden brooch on the jacket of the Chanel suit is more than enough.

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