Daniella Kallmeyer

17 Jun

If there’s a word that would describe the designs of Daniella Kallmeyer, it is global. Her beautiful patterns will be appreciated by many as they symbolize the way cultures brought together create beautiful pieces of art. She is actually born in South Africa and managed to get a lot of inspiration from that beautiful culture. Her mix of style is a unique and fresh breath in this industry, and we can clearly see her South African origins in her fashion dresses, but without trying to be too ostentatious.

The large palette of colors is somehow dignified by the straight cut of the materials she uses combined with exquisite fabrics. It is clear that she has deep roots in the arts, and not only is she a visual artist but also has a holistic approach to fashion through art. Her cultural and theatrical background transcends through her pieces and her uniqueness is a combination of immaculate cuts with eclectic colors mixes in an androgynous shape.

Strong and bold elements are a big part of her collections and we can see the influence she has been getting from prêt-à-porter designers such as Alexander McQueen, Luca Luca or Jen Kao. She manages to bring the luxury she saw in many of these collections into her own style, which makes her not just a designer but a very good and opulent one. For her summer-spring collection she chose an elegant freshness as a key element, making sure that every woman wearing her clothes will achieve that elusive simple femininity. It has a power element to it, much like the woman nowadays, the independent feminine soul, responsible career woman, and the powerful mother. All these are Daniella Kallmeyer, a designer so effortless in her approach, her clothes make you feel like they have been almost growing on you.

With Daniella Kallmeyer you don’t just buy clothes, you buy a whole new mix of cultures, elements that stand out in crowd and outfits that state the powerful elegance of simple femininity. You’d be a fool not to at least try some of her clothes as they are timeless fashion items.

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