Dzmitry Samal Watch

1 Apr

Sometimes being unique means a lot more than functionality and sometimes this makes people buy the most outrageous things. One of these things is the new watch from designer Dzmitry Samal. According to, not only did he come up with a new limited edition watch, but he also managed to make it out of a material never used before in watchmaking: concrete.

Whether concrete is your cup of tea or not the first time you will look at this watch you will notice that it’s not really as bad as it would seem. The concrete is well designed and beautifully surrounds the dial in a case that has been shaped nicely. So this is a great result for the unusual material. And we definitely know that this watch will be durable. If you are interested in buying one of those, you should know that there are only 100 watches in production and the watch will cost about $1,200. Besides concrete, the watch contains other elements such as rubber, crystal and metal that all fuse together in a very interesting design. So the rubber band manages to complement this casual watch pretty well and ads a bit of masculinity, although the watch was definitely as masculine as you can get.

 There are also some interesting design elements such as the colorful and detailed hand but also the accents that can be found on the dial. You will love the way this watch looks on your hand and if you ever wanted something that stands out, this is probably the product you have in mind. Also, the watch is definitely a conversation starter for those who need a boost in that area and that could easily be “My watch is made from the same material as the pavement.”

Dzmitry Samal definitely tried a new and interesting approach to fashion, craftsmanship and interesting design when it comes to accessories. But the end result is not something that’s weird; the watch looks beautiful on the wrist and makes a lovely piece of accessory. It is available in 5 colors and is surely something one would call urban look.

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