Elegance with Burberry

24 Jul

Created in 1859 by Thomas Burberry and headquartered in the UK, Burberry is a brand that manufactures clothing, accessories and luxury perfumes, but is well known especially of its line of men warm clothes. It all started in a winter day in 1856, when Thomas Burberry, a draper’s apprentice, consulted his physician for a problem of early rheumatism. The practitioner strongly recommended not to wear his rubber raincoat, which protects from the rain but does not wick away perspiration.

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The 21 year old opened his first shop in Winchester Street, Basingstoke and in a few years, he earned his customers’ loyalty. Specialized in men clothing for the beginning, Thomas Burberry created in 1880 the gabardine. The idea of its waterproofed fabric came to him following a discussion with a local shepherd.

After many struggles of over a century and a half, Burberry is nowadays internationally recognized as a refined brand and it has shops in several cities worldwide. Burberry Prorsum is the top-end collection of this fashion house. It contains the creations presented during Fashion Week in Milan. Each piece is produced in very small quantities and proposed at very high prices. The major target of such products is limited almost exclusively to personalities from movie, fashion or sports fields. Its visibility and importance for the group is not reduced: worn by stars therefore widely disseminated in the media, it is positioned as the flagship of the brand for the general public.

Burberry London is undoubtedly the main lines of the company as the target is wide and varied. This is indeed the general public collection of the house, which combines both trendy products and other, more traditional, at much more affordable prices. Originally developed for the Spanish and Japanese markets, the line now applies to Europe as a whole.

The brand also addresses to youngsters by a special collection, Burberry Brit and it also provides accessories and cosmetic products lines. For men and women, Burberry perfumes are available on many palettes. With scents like wood, Porto wine, mimosa, lemon, vanilla or even amber, the brand knows how  touch the widest variety of tastes. The bottles are clearly covered by the tartan, the symbol of the house.

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