Elegant With A Tea Dress

22 Apr

The 50’s can be easily described as the golden age of fashion and femininity. Some of those dresses were definitely made to enhance a woman’s body and the tea dress is probably one of the most beautiful trends. Fortunately, this type of dress is actually a safe trend because it’s so classic you won’t feel like you are wearing something out of date.

The tea dress appeared after the war ended and it was almost like fashion tried to make something completely different than the dresses that were worn by women during war. Most dresses were rigid, straight and definitely not very flattering. But the tea dress revolutionized this whole feminine figure, along with makeup which improved a lot in the 50’s. There are different variations to the tea dress, such as different necklines. Some tea dresses are very revealing while some still keep the modesty that was promoted during the 50s. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, it looks absolutely gorgeous either way.

The tea dress shouldn’t be confused with a tea gown which was fashionable during the Victorian Era. It usually looks like a knee length dress, tight in the middle and flare under your waist. It definitely creates an hourglass figure that is most feminine. The floaty shape will look amazing on almost any figure and it will definitely be chic if combined with the right accessories. It is also called a tea dress because it was usually worn during the afternoon when ladies met for tea. A great thing about tea dresses is the fact that you can wear one almost during any season. You can choose a dress with longer sleeves made from a material that keeps you warm or you can choose something very floaty that would be amazing during the summer.

If you are looking for an elegant dress for a special event like an important party or your prom, the tea dress is definitely something you should consider. Add some classic accessories such as pearls or diamonds and you will look ravishing. Also, try not to overdo your makeup, you will look feminine enough just by wearing this beautiful dress.

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