Evergreen Sunglasses

19 Feb

Forget the shoes of the highest class or haute couture dress! When it comes to luxury, you can really afford, go for fashion sunglasses. It was very long time ago when sunglasses were used primarily to protect of the harmful UV rays. Today they are accessories of full value and indicators for the followers of the fashion trends. The truth is that fashion in sunglasses tries to change every season, like the clothes. However, there are evergreens, which are always on top. Moreover, it is not only matter of trendy chick, but also on face shape and particular requirements of every person. So you can find here brief description of “evergreen” forms and types of sunglasses, which can help you to make your better choice for the next season.


Big shapes. Plastic still dominates over the metal as it concerns the materials used. The classic colors are black, pure white or their contrasting mixture. The glasses are dark and iridescent. Particularly suitable for ladies are gold and brown, in combination with shiny accents, stones and even real pearls from Malaysia.

Colored frames. They are often combined with metal elements and allow to express individualism. Red, black, brown, grass green, orange or yellow bear the idea of spirits and extravagance in fashion in eyewear. The models are clean and stylish line, but they are noticeable to others.

Wrought iron frames. They are made from special metal coating that is anti-allergic. Usually the sunglasses are decorated with original ornaments. So-called polycarbonate frames have elegant designs like the classic retro models of old wood. Common combination is that between metal and plastic.

Linda Farrow Vintage” glasses. These are the favorite accessories of Hollywood celebrities. Her collection is a romantic reference to 1970s. Metal frames are bold gold plated and plastic, but all they are in bright colors – white, pink, red. The typical round glasses are replaced in some models by geometric shapes, octagonals, heart-shaped glasses or butterfly wings.

“Pilot glasses”. They are reminiscence of the 1930s vintage collections. Follow the vision of Tom Cruise in the classical movie “Top Gun“. The leading models are from the Ralph Lauren’s collections.

Disco style glasses. Do not forget the colourful and “artificial” look of the disco-style. With this summer fashion trends the disco style is back not only in clothing fashion trends, but also in accessories, shoes, and even makeup. Bright neon colors and geometric shapes are Hollywood hit.

“Marilyn Monroe “ style. This is a special offer for those who want to be one step ahead of all suggestion. The style of 1950s or the so-called “cat’s eyes”, gained popularity thanks to Marilyn Monroe. These types of frames are included in the collections of Vera Wang, Bulgari and Gucci. On the top of the fashion trends are fully transparent but thick frames.

One thing is sure – your summer wardrobe has to include different types of sunglasses. Use various shapes, sizes, colours and details to complete your particular outfit and to highlight your individuality.

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