Fashion accessories for summer

13 Jan

When the summer approaches, many people decide to spend their vacations on the beach, others – in the mountain. Regardless of how and where you plan to relax there are several summer accessories you have to put on your luggage. The dreaming days of you relaxing vacations will not be so charming and beautiful, without these small, but obligatory items like sunglasses, fashion bracelets, necklace and hat.

Hat. It could be made of any material: straw or fabric. This is probably the most beautiful, original and necessary accessory for summer days. The hat is useful not only during vacations but even in the city, because it protects you from the dangerous sun radiation. At the same time it is a great addition to any type of clothing. The great variety of prints, sizes and colors gives you complete freedom to choose the most suitable hat for you and to combine it with your their colorful summer wardrobes, swimming suits or any outfit for special occasions.


Shawl. No matter you will choose one of sheer fabrics such as silk and satin, or the more ordinary cotton or linen versions, the shawl is a small, but effective accessory in the summer. Summer scarves range from those that are just over your shoulder to the larger pareos for the beach that gracefully cover your nude. In any case shawls are genuine accessory that perfectly complements any summer outfit. The surely bring great romance and fairy-tale vision not only on the beach or near a lake, but in the fresh summer evenings.


Sunglasses. Sunglasses with oval, rectangular or even circular shape is undeniably one of the most used accessories in the summer, not only because they keep your eyes, but mostly because they talk about your style and taste. The glases, like the hats create personality. Gold, screaming red, black and white: you may choose any color of your glasses to express your individuality. You are romantic, or cool, or a party person? Your glasses will speak to the others who are you.


Sandals. Where else the sandals can seduce you except in the summer heat? They just call for your attention from the shop windows: made of leather, fabrics or vinyl, with silver and gold accents, with straps, studded with stones or only with caps, eve plain but elegant. Summer is the Mecca of sandals and the time for ultimate bliss for our feet! Flip-flops, as more casual version of the sandals, take care about the comfort of our feet on the beach or around the swimming pool. Diversity in prices and models is so great that nothing will excuse you if you don’t have several pairs for all occasions.


Chick-lit. Do not forget in your suitcase one good chick-lit – a female novel, with a slight storyline and a good female humor. This type of reading is a great addition to your summer holiday mood! In combination with the sun and beautiful views, this is the book that will help you to free your mind and enhance the pleasure of the summer and well-deserved rest.

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