Fashion Trends After 40

11 Sep

It is very easy to be 20: all fashion trends and designers collections are developed towards the target group of young girls and women with still perfect bodies. But what women after 30 or 40, and even 50 can do? Should they star out of the border of fashion trends and wear the clothes of their mothers? Certainly not.

All women after 40 perfectly know that the way of thinking, the adventure spirit and the internal well-being do not depend on the candles over the birthday cake. However, if the fashion trends or particular models are blindly copied on your body, the result may be quite strange. Therefore the women over 40 need a bit of ingenuity to be stylish and fashionable. For sure, there are women that have the same body as at the age of 20. But for must of the ladies the changes could be small, but visible. Let be frank: pregnancies, gravity and time are doing their work in converting your body to something a bit heavier, a bit flabby… The menopause is waiting just around the corner and it will do its job as well. It is not easy to look great with such a body, whilst dress in fashion, designed for 20 years younger women. The result may provoke confusion, frustration and even depression.

women after 40

Be cool. The problem is not as heavy, as within the years you have gained wisdom and you know that the look is very important, but it cannot help when a charm, brain, professionalism or a good mood are not behind. You are like an old cathedral and should behave as such. And saying the word “Cathedral” it is easy to go ahead and to explain you the 3C rule for fashionable style for women after 40. Remember the 3C rule when you are choosing you new clothes and when you dress every morning.

The 3C rule is simple and based on three key words: classic, clean, and coverage.

Classical. Have you ever thought why so many nice things in the life are called “classical”? Sure, because they remain to be nice despite of the time. Therefore your first rule in choosing your wardrobe should be to select only clothes in classical style. Classical cuts stay elegant on every kind of body. Straight cuts, A-skirts and dresses, tailored jackets or Channel type jackets, flat front trousers will be perfect for you. The good news on the top is that you will save money in long-term period, as the classical clothes may be worn year after year.

Clean. The clean silhouette is the next part of the 3C rule. You have to forget about complicated cuts, the excess in details or colors, and the seams, which draw the attention. All these attract the eyes to your figure and split it into several parts, which increases the visibility of the imperfections.

Coverage. Be honest: your arms and legs have no the same shining skin as years ago. There is no need to cover your self in a scarf for the whole life, but better chose short sleeve model instead of sleeveless. Forget about uncovered shoulders and legs, especially in the city – leave the short-legged pants and mini skirt s for the beach. The modest neckline will not give the opportunity to anyone to peer into your skin.

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