How Much Make-Up

15 Mar

In the interest of high fashion, how much is too much make-up? An age old question indeed! This question is for all the fashionable ladies out there, “would you really know when to stop with the make-up?” There is a popular saying that states, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing!

Vibrant Make-Up for Print Outfits

makeup 1

When you wear graphic prints you have to know which colors to play up on and which ones to tone down. One tip is to choose the most vivid color in the outfit and let it set the tone for your makeup. For eyes and cheeks, go with light colors like white, beige, pink, etc. The lids can be painted in darker colors. Use mascara and a soft shade for the lips.

Light Make-Up for Casual Outfits

A casual outfit of jeans and a top; tee shirt or otherwise can best be highlighted with light colored makeup except for the eyes. Use mascara or a black liner with a bit of a heavy hand and apply light color on lids and cheeks. You can give the lips a shine and work at highlighting the brow bone to prominence.

Subtle Make-Up for Bright Outfits

makeup 2

If you are already wearing bright colors, you need to wear makeup that is subtle rather than over bright. Too much color will end up making you look clownish! You have to know that your bright clothes are loud enough and too much brightly colored make up can really ruin the overall effect. Try soft, light colors like pinks and browns for the eyelids with a navy eyeliner, light blush and fuchsia pink lip color.

At the end, a final tip: when trying to match cosmetic shades to clothing colors, it is best to do so in the eye area. For example, blue lipstick is really not going to do much more than make you look weird! Even when being outrageous, you should always strive to create harmony.

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