Jennifer Lopez

8 Jul

Everybody knows Jennifer Lopez as being a singer and pretty good one too. During her career she managed to get involved in a lot of different things and when she started out, her mind wasn’t even on singing, but on dancing and acting. She was fist seen as a dancer on the comedy show In Living Color and she then started getting roles in various movies. The one that brought her recognition was Money Train in `95 and although her acting career was going pretty good, receiving two ALMA Awards, it wasn’t even close to the success she has as a singer. From her first album On The 6 it was clear that J.Lo belongs in the music industry. Being such a hard working and talented artist, she managed to sell over 55 million records worldwide and it seems that she is not slowing down one bit with her new album being ready to be released soon.

As most gorgeous ladies in the industry, you can expect Jennifer Lopez to be also involved in fashion. She has her own fashion line ever since 2003 and several perfumes that bear her name. Her love for fur has caused from some problems with PETA and as we can see from this picture, she isn’t backing down. Of course, from a fashion point of view, the white fur is the least of her worries. One may think that after such a long time of wearing expensive fur, she might know a thing or two about how to wear it but this picture shows us the opposite. That dress looks like it used to be a table cloth not long ago and those white boots are just wrong; the fur is just there to upset some animal rights supporters so that the fashion designers won’t be the only ones.

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