Kim Kardashian

3 Sep

If you ever watched the news about the latest celebrities and fashion, you have most likely seen Kimberly Noel Kardashian, also known as Kim Kardashian. She has become quite famous recently over some events in her personal life but she is known as being a model, actress and television personality. She also has a reality series named E! where fans have the opportunity to see her and her family take over the world. Kim also has several perfumes if you want to feel a bit closer to her. Her acting career is not as popular as most men would like and she only appeared in a few movies that didn’t have much success. Kim was also on the famous show, Dancing With The Stars where she showed us her dancing skills.

No matter the event, you can expect Kim Kardashian to look her best and live up to her experience in the fashion industry. Of course, everyone can make mistakes from time to time but that is why we have mirrors and we use them before leaving the house. I guess if you want to stand out, you could wear your dress backwards at a big event; the problem is that you might not get the best feedback. This dress is very interesting to look at, not just because of the stitching in the front but also because of the rich feathery fabric that follows the dress. I would like to say that there is something good about this outfit and that there still is hope for this young model but even the accessories do not match the overall look. Fashion disasters just happen and if we are lucky, we can see them and know what to avoid.

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