Jewelry Trends You Should Follow

21 Dec

The new jewelry this spring really look amazing and the combination the designers choose seems to be quite unique; there are different styles with different materials and this beautiful fusion and experimentation with various mediums makes the jewelry this season really fun to wear. 1 – The favorite color is green and it should be […]

Leather Jacket – The Timeless Fashion Item

10 Nov

If you are looking for something designers believe it’s safe and can work well with a great array of other clothing items, the leather jacket should be your first option. Everybody should have a leather jacket in their wardrobe that they can wear with almost anything. For women, some of the most popular leather jacket […]

How To Buy A Cheap Ladies Watch

21 Sep

Buying a new watch, especially buying one that may cost more than the average could mean some budget planning that you need to do. Women often go for the jewelry type of watches and that will cost even more so if you are planning to buy a watch for yourself or a loved one you […]

Fashion Sunglasses

25 Aug

Whether you are a man or a woman, you know the importance of sunglasses in your life. Besides protecting your eyes from the sun, sunglasses will also improve your appearance. Everybody looked amazing with sunglasses at least once in their life, but you need to make sure that you choose the right glasses. Sunglasses are […]

Mathieu Mirano

20 Jul

If you are looking for something bold that would definitely take your mind off the boring approaches everybody is doing this year and has been doing for quite some time, you are in for a surprise. Mathieu Mirano is the new fresh face in the fashion industry and has managed to impress with quite a […]

Bold Colors For Summer

15 Jun

This summer is all about being out there, being bold and being confident enough to show your beautiful body wrapped in amazing colors. There is absolutely no limit in the colors you can use for your outfit, but let’s look at the trendiest combinations this summer. Bold Prints Prints are always in trend, but this […]

The Color Fairytale

19 May

The word “rave” has a broad spectrum of meanings. It means music event – a rave party. The word was originally used to describe the wild bohemian parties in Soho, west London. Later, in the early 60s of 20 century it started to be used for any wild party. People, who are sworn “party animals”, […]

Dzmitry Samal Watch

1 Apr

Sometimes being unique means a lot more than functionality and sometimes this makes people buy the most outrageous things. One of these things is the new watch from designer Dzmitry Samal. According to, not only did he come up with a new limited edition watch, but he also managed to make it out of […]

How Much Make-Up

15 Mar

In the interest of high fashion, how much is too much make-up? An age old question indeed! This question is for all the fashionable ladies out there, “would you really know when to stop with the make-up?” There is a popular saying that states, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing! […]

Evergreen Sunglasses

19 Feb

Forget the shoes of the highest class or haute couture dress! When it comes to luxury, you can really afford, go for fashion sunglasses. It was very long time ago when sunglasses were used primarily to protect of the harmful UV rays. Today they are accessories of full value and indicators for the followers of […]