Perfect Earrings

18 Sep

Earrings are probably the most fascinating fashion items. They have been around since mankind and they are definitely an important part of our everyday life. There are many types of earrings as there are many ways to pierce your earring. The classic earring is worn hanged on the ear lobe but some prefer more earrings in one lobe and even some in the ear’s cartilage.

Anthropology shows that piercing is one of the first forms of expression through body modifications. Some even consider wearing earrings and piercing the ear lobes as a religious experience, so this is much more than looking pretty. However, there are many types of earrings, each suited for a certain style.

Hoop earrings are probably the most common style of earrings.  They are thin and they form a circle which varies in size depending on the person’s own taste. If you have a rectangular face, these earrings are perfect for you as they can soften your lines and make you look much more feminine. On the other hand, if your face is very round, it is best to avoid wearing these.

If you have a long and thin face it is best to avoid long earrings that would elongate it even more. Try to choose models that are shorter and even stub earrings as they won’t stand out as much. On the other hand, if your face is very rectangular or round, these earrings can perfectly balance it.

An oval face will work well with all types of earrings, so if you are one of the lucky women with this type of face you can wear whatever you want. For a heart shaped face, you should always choose earrings that also balance the asymmetry in your face, by making sure that they get thicker at the bottom and thinner to the top. This way you can also soften the edges on your face and look like you had a major improvement.

In the end, earrings are still about expressing yourself, so if you find a certain pattern that matches you well, there is no need to avoid wearing it. After all, a girl will always look prettier with earrings than without.

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