Sailor Cap

22 Sep

Since sailor fashion has been extremely popular for a few years now the fashion world has gone even deeper with this obsession and people started wearing sailor caps. Sailor caps can be great fashion items and they will make your outfit pop in a very interesting manner. They have that classic 1920s vibe to them and that vibe will give you a lovely elegance in the early Coco Chanel style.

The sailor cap was first worn in the early 20th century in the Royal Navy, but sailor hats became a part of a sailor’s uniform in 1870. These hats were very practical to wear as they protected sailor from the sun and gave more elegance to their uniform. This “sailor movement” in fashion actually didn’t start with Coco Chanel but with Queen Victoria in the 1840s. She loved sailor prints and was known to wear a complete sailor suit but also made her children wear them. This became a big part of mainstream fashion after the First World War as the media made the outfits even more popular. Throughout the years this was an on and off trend but it became a classic fashion item when it became popular again in the 2000s. An interesting fact when it comes to sailor suits is that each country adopted their own sailor pattern so there’s a big variety when it comes to sailor suits and sailor caps.

Nowadays wearing a sailor cap is considered to be a pretty bold move and definitely a fashion statement. If you want to be trendy make sure that you don’t wear a complete sailor outfit but rather add a few patterns and a cap as accessory to other styles. A lot of children trends involve sailor caps but women and men who want to look more unconventional choose these as fashion accessories for their wardrobe since they will never go out of style. They are also frequently worn by yacht aficionados and because of that, some might even come with high end prices, but usually you can find them sold with pretty good prices mostly on the internet.

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