Spring Summer Trends

20 Feb

If you take a look at the 2019 fashion trends you will be extremely surprised. The newest styles make 2019 to seem more of a contradictory year. There are a few trends that can be considered to be the most influential themes of the year.

Artistic and Avant-garde influences – clothes are not what they used to be, nowadays they have to be highly expressive. Designers like Chanel, Celine or Prada have shown that bright colours are very important and have to be complemented with various prints and patterns. Some of the influences that are prevalent through this trend are pop art or even surreal art but also 3D techniques or even encrusted decorations to suggest a certain theme. You should also try to choose asymmetrical cuts and design but also edgy combinations.

A more futuristic trend that has been continuing since last year seems to make its way in the spring-summer collections as well. This trend involves more cubist style clothes where patterns and geometric motifs play an important role. Some of its key elements are: transparency, laser cut patterns, asymmetrical style and retro futuristic design.

If none of the above impresses you, the more feminine trend, also called by some, La Vie en Rose is one of the most beautiful. You will be able to show your femininity at its full power during this season. The materials that are used to symbolize elegance are chiffon, organza, or lace. However, they are not simple, most of them have either 3d appliques or beautiful floral patterns.

Other designers choose to go for the tropical pattern as it seems to be another of the trends that will influence the next season. The same feminine fabrics are used, however, this time they have prints of exotic flowers or exotic motifs while being embellished with bold colors and huge tropical scenery.

Sportswear seems to also have a comeback as catwalks have shown elements taken from that area. It has been defined by bright colors and materials such as neoprene or perforated fabrics. There is also a comeback of the track pants and shorts not to mention the bra tops that are incorporated in every look. They come with a wide variety of elements such as zippers, stripe remix, bomber jackets, etc. not without a certain level of comfort.

Next season is as surprising as it can be and the trends are definitely diverse enough so that they can appeal to a wide area of fashion addicts. But no matter what you choose, make sure that it feels comfortable and it suites your style.

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