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Elegant With A Tea Dress

22 Apr

The 50’s can be easily described as the golden age of fashion and femininity. Some of those dresses were definitely made to enhance a woman’s body and the tea dress is probably one of the most beautiful trends. Fortunately, this type of dress is actually a safe trend because it’s so classic you won’t feel […]

Sheer Dress

14 Jan

If you are fearless and you really want to shock with your trendy look, a sheer dress will definitely do the trick. A sheer dress is a dress made from an almost transparent material that will show everything. Not a style for those who can’t pull it off, this is definitely something for those of […]

Little Red Dress

19 Jul

Forget about the little black dress, when it comes to a date and you really want to make a good impression, the little red dress is the correct option.  Studies show that people will always find a woman in red more attractive, so why not take advantage of that? However, wearing a red dress doesn’t […]