The Best Short And Medium Hairstyles in 2015

22 Jul

Short hairstyles have always held a special part in the world of fashion. While long, luscious hair has always been the desired look, regardless of what trends, what year or what influences was wreaking havoc on the runways in that year, short styled haircuts have been a sort of fringe look, reserved for artists, women with powerful jobs or true bohemians.

Whether we’re talking about crops, quiff’s or bobs, or whether you want to go for a more conventional mid-length look, you should know that short and medium hairstyles are very hot in 2015, with numerous celebrities and models already rocking some interesting shapes.

Bob hairstyles are going to be one of the biggest things next year, and a truly stand-out look if you want something that is both practical and extremely playful. The bob cut will give you a lot of freedom and an infinite amount of possibilities when it comes to styling your hair. Whether you want a chic and elegant traditional bob with a bit of waviness to it or whether you want to go all alternative and give it an unusual shape and color it really comes down to your overall style and look.

Did we mention the practical nature of the bob cut, taking down maintenance time and cost to an almost unprecedented low. Just remember that you should always get the best products you can afford, particularly hair straightener.

Whether you go for a bob cut or a medium length hairdo you should know that plaits can do wonders and will work regardless of how your face is shaped or of the color of your hair. Plaits are one of the biggest trends when it comes to medium length hair next year. It is highly adaptable and can work with any form of outfit, from classically elegant to casual and everything in between.

Speaking of medium length hairstyles, they just might be the biggest thing in 2015, with a combination of plaits and curls leading to one of the favorite looks on the red carpet. A medium length hairdo creates a perfect balance between a glamorous look and a low maintenance easy to upkeep one which can also work perfectly in more casual settings.

The medium length is also a great way to change things up for women who don’t want to go the full distance and chop it all off. The best part is that it works with all types of hair and face shapes. Once you make the change make sure you try to style it in as many ways as you can until you find the perfect look for you.


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