The Day Clutch

26 Sep

If you like wearing handbags but hate wearing those everyday ones and like a more elegant style, you will absolutely love the day clutch. This clutch is absolutely fabulous and it’s probably one of the newest types of bags that will probably be in trend forever. With a day clutch you get the elegance from an evening bag and the room and comfort of an everyday bag. If that’s not a perfect fashion item, I don’t know what is!

A lot of fashion houses started producing day clutches and it seems to be a big hit especially if you buy one from Louis Vuitton or Fendi. A lot of us remember Jimmy Choo day clutch that was a massive hit and it seems that the hit remains and will be around for quite a while.

clutch purse

Many believe that the day clutch isn’t very practical but you get enough room to keep everything you need; however, it might be a little bit uncomfortable when it comes to the fact that you have to hold it in your hand. But that is probably the thing that makes it perfect for a coffee with your girlfriends and a day at school. It can come in really big sizes but you can also buy one in a smaller size if you are not a big fan of the oversized bags. What’s great is the fact that you can choose any color and they do come in absolutely fabulous colors. Since blue is a popular color this season, why not buy an everyday clutch bag in a bright blue color?

If you are worrying about clothes, well, you shouldn’t because this can be worn with everything since it is an everyday bag. Put on your jeans or a dress and add your clutch bag for an absolute fabulous day.

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