The Oversized Reefer Jacket Is Certainly In This Season

2 Dec

While it has been in for years, the reefer jacket is still riding the wave and is very fashionable for this autumn and winter season as well. Whether we’re talking about the traditional dark blue men’s woolen reefer, some similar classic women’s model or the new, reinterpreted over the top design, the reefer is in and that is definitely a fact.

This season won’t just be about the reefer jacket as we all know it, but it will also be a great opportunity to show off the new extra-large reefer model, particularly when it comes to women’s fashion. This extra-large model has been celebrated at most New York appearances on the runway, taking inspiration from the very trendy nautical theme that is in this season. It is now being adopted in Europe as well with the new reefer jacket sporting a full length look, with some models going down to the floor.

This season’s reefer is all about the extra length and volume. Several big names have put their own spin on this classic fashion item, bringing it back from urban casual to haute couture. The Chloe reefer is by far the longest you’re likely to see this season, going below the ankles. It can be perfectly paired with pants and an elegant shirt and is a great way to face the cold months in style.

Michael Kors has an extra-long but somewhat more conservative dress which goes down to about knee length. It goes perfectly with extra baggy pants, which are also extremely fashionable this season and any type of elegant, shiny top. It can be worn with just about any look in terms of hair and make-up but a good combination of “messy” hair and simple make-up will work best.

Ricci kept things even shorter when it comes to their reefer even though the same extra volume rule applies. The best way to wear their below hip reefer is with an exciting bottom, like their lace skirt or some other type of revealing material. If you want to be stylish but not so revealing any type of skirt will do here as long as it creates some type of contrast with the dark blue of the reefer jacket.

If you want to avoid the classic dark blue of the traditional reefer jacket but you still want to keep a stylish look there are numerous other colors to choose from. You can pull off a brown number or something beige or light brown. Kakis and dark greens can also work. Remember that when it comes to the reefer look, if you want to stray away from the traditional blue you should try to incorporate your new color into the entire outfit. So if you go brown, the entire outfit should match that color to some degree.

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