Tops and Blouses

8 Apr

Spring and summer are seasons when we should enjoy wearing beautiful tops and free ourselves from jackets and sweaters. It’s time to celebrate femininity because the trends are all about that.

Flower patterns are not only hot during the spring but they will also be super hot in the summer so make sure that you have at least one top with flower patterns. Romantic and feminine shapes are also a must so you must update your wardrobe accordingly. You can choose from a great variety of feminine colors like peach, pink, beige and caramel. These colors will make you look even more feminine and give a soft touch to your overall appearance.

70’s style tops – halter tops, big patterns, everything on the catwalk looks like we are back in the 70’s. Everything is so amazing and you can always search your mother’s wardrobe for long forgotten pieces of clothing that will look amazing this summer. Bring back that hippie look and express your individuality.

Simple cuts, simple shapes, simple everything – minimalism is in style so if you don’t like the styles above you can go with the safe option. Simplicity is the new trend and as long as you keep everything subtle and balanced you will be extremely fashionable. This is a great method to dress for school or work because it’s not too much and you will be able to look elegant.

You can easily create an outfit according to the trends and make sure that you always mix different styles and be unique. It doesn’t matter how much you respect the trends, what matters the most is how much you will adapt everything that is fashionable to your own body shape and personality. Fashion shouldn’t limit us, it should help us express ourselves through our clothes and give us the chance to appear unique.

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