Trendy Influences in 2015

19 Jun

With 2015 just around the corner all fashionistas are preparing their wish list for the new season. There are a lot of unexpected trends they need to keep in mind and a lot of them contrast with the ones from 2014.

One of the coolest influences you will find in 2015 is the cartoon style illustration, comic book style or Disney style as a fabric for various types of fashion items. There are many tops and even full body suites that have a bright style to them in vivid colors such as neon colors or pastels. It seems walking and showing off a cool piece of art will be the thing in 2015.

Another trend that fashionistas will love and most women for that matter is the lovely retro vibe brought by the 50s and 60 style dresses with monochrome patterns. However, the monochrome dress and just a few other patterns are fashionable, not everything from that period is a trend. Make sure that you also have lovely lace as a pattern or pretty fabrics that are both romantic and elegant. You can even try a nautical style or striped patterns for an even more interesting look.

As shoes, the trends are pretty clear, there is something for everybody. Flats are definitely in and if you prefer not wearing heels you can do that without trend setters giving you a weird look. Trainers are also in and most of them come with striking colors, either neon and pastels or metallic with embellishments.

It seems that the trends that lead to a more sheer style in 2014 are gone and there is a lot more influence on patterns and different textures for people’s outfits. There are also a lot of contrasts and intricate designs ready for the new outfits and people will certainly love all the options they have.

Oversize in anything seems to be another path that the 2015 fashion is going on. And when we say everything we really mean everything: oversized blouses, trousers, skirts and dresses. This is definitely great news for those who want to feel comfortable especially when they can pair them with flats. You can definitely opt for the bohemian look and add some crazy oversized accessories to those lovely dresses. Don’t forget about lovely head accessories and flowers that will definitely go well with this look. Also, make sure that if you go for a colorful look you create a more nude style for your face.

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