Tyra Banks – A Worldwide Role Model

5 Aug

Tyra Banks is an American model and one of the most famous African American ad faces and being one of the original Victoria’s Secret Angels. She is extremely successful in the media as she is an actress, occasional singer, businesswoman and author. If there is a model that can be considered multi-talented, that model in Tyra Banks. She was also featured multiple times in Time magazine.

She was born in California and although she was accepted at important universities she refused and went to France to try and become a model.

Her singing career is also very prolific as she released a single with Kobe Bryant and also did a single for Disney Channel.  When it comes to writing she authored a book called Tyra’s Beauty, Inside and Out and recently announced that she will be writing a sort of autobiographical novel about her modeling career.

Her well known show called America’s Next Top Model has been replicated around the world and has had major success and had 17 seasons so far. She also has a talk show called The Tyra Banks Show where she interviews young women. She also had a lot of success in TV series as well as Hollywood movies. She began her acting career in the famous TV series The Fresh prince of Bel-Air but later performed in other successful movies like Coyote Ugly, Eight Crazy Nights and Love Stinks.

As most celebrities Tyra was involved in a lot of philanthropic projects and she even created a program called TZONE with the purpose of helping people develop skills and deal with society’s pressure. She also offers a scholarship for African American girls who choose Immaculate Heart High School, her alma mater.

These are just a few of the amazing things Tyra Banks did for the media. She is a role model for many young girls wanting to become models and she took it really seriously always praising high values. She is a great supporter of African American rights and she often gets involved in awareness campaigns dealing with social issues that people might face due to their ethnicity.

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