Vintage Style

29 Jul

When nobody expected it the fashion trends and influences of the early 50s or 70s just spread and bloom in the world of fashion nowadays, it just fell on the rabbit hole and find itself in the very heart of versatile wonderland but the reborn trends managed to make themselves seen and most of all appreciated. This is a pure example of the great ability of fashion of reinventing itself continuously  just like a phoenix bird. It is said that fashion keeps reinventing itself like a cyclic, perpetual motion.

Vintage-Modern copy

We almost can not imagine a world without fashion, it a part of our daily lives that we can not more remove it, it is like a second nature and because of this longevity fashion has to always recreated herself from her own layers gathered for centuries under the cloth of diversity. There are certain elements inspired from the ’50s that came back in today’s fashion trends. For fall/winter 2010-2011, we can see a retro touch that has been used by fashion designers in their collections.

Midi skirts and dresses, below the knee, A-line skirts, emphasized waist, long gloves, square-toed, block-heeled pumps trimmed with flat bows, and the doctor’s bag are the basic elements specific to the ’50s that were spotted at Louis Vuitton or Marc Jacobs. Also, at Prada, one can see the ’50s dresses in a fantastic combination of colors, while at Alexander Wang, the disco approach can be observed. If you want to be classic you have a great pallet of lines and fabrics from which you can get your inspiration.

The ’70s can be considered as being one of the most chic eras of all times in matters of style and fashion. Flared pants, breezy shirts and blouses, long dresses, and autumnal colors are the main elements reflecting a ’70s approach. This type of pants, with a high-waist, look perfect when matched with tucked-in breezy blouses, feminine vests with a boho touch, and ankle boots with wooden heel. The ’70s style was spotted at Chloé, Balmain, Gianfranco Ferré, and Gucci. So there are a lot of new collections where you can inmuia your brush and get your colors will make you feel younger, confident and most of all special. Prepare yourself for one of the most fascinating reborn, the 50s and 70s are here and they are ready to show you a new world of wonders and inspiration.

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