W PM in Veau Cachemire Pistache

6 Nov

You may be wondering what are all these letters and abbreviations doing in the name of a bag. Louis Vuitton decided to get creative not only when it’s about shapes and decorative elements, but also concerning product names. The W bag model owes its name to the shape of the bag, and it comes in two sizes – the PM and the GM. 13 inches wide and 10.2 inches high, W PM in Veau Cachemire Pistache has everything it needs to seduce the modern woman with an inclination for comfort that lies inside you.


If you have been looking for a bag that is innovative and very functional at the same time, you found your gem with this model Louis Vuitton launched back in 2013, revolutionising the idea of style and comfort. A tote bag with solid leather handles, W PM in Veau Cachemire Pistache comes in a unique color, and has special features. Its body is made up of three parts, and this design idea is emphasized ingeniously emphasized by the combination for monogrammed and simple granulated leather. Besides the beautiful geometric shape and a very generous size, W PM in Veau Cachemire Pistache brings along the quality insurance only Louis Vuitton can provide and the most recent fashion trends in the bags zone.

While wearing it you will certainly have a youthful look, while benefiting from the great style only a classic fashion item can provide. Inside the bag, you will appreciate the suede leather lining and the ingenious compartmenting into special pockets for smart phone and secure storing that a modern woman needs. The high quality calf leather will make sure this bag will accompany you for many years.

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