Watches And Jewelry

20 Jul

Nowadays watches are not only instruments for measuring time. With a bold elegant design, they also become true precious jewels carrying a very strong identity. In fact, there are clocks everywhere as both mobile phones and computers mark the time. Therefore, it is not really necessary to wear a watch to know what time it is. So today, the watch is worn as adornment. This trend supports the inventive design, innovative materials and the famous brands that give a recognizable image.

Rado True Thinline 1

Of different inspirations and bringing unique features, they appeal to the most diverse interests of their customers. For instance, the Rado True Thinline is to watches what the cure of dr. Merano is the world of weight loss. Made of an unbreakable ceramic and used Formula 1 and space exploration industries, this model only 4.9 mm thick and weighing only 38g is a record-breaker.

The latest creation of the Hublot is primarily a figures game:  440 diamonds baguette, 451 brilliant cut. A total of 891 stones adorn this exceptional watch. Presented in late November at the Salon Belles Montres which was held in Paris at Louver Carrousel, the model Baby Million is adorned with a precious luxurious taste. Watch side, there is the sporty characteristic of the Hublot watches, with an automatic mechanical chronograph on a black dial in 18 carat white gold. Its most minute wearers will appreciate the attention for detail of the Swiss manufacturer when decorating the push buttons with 14 small diamonds sparkling with a thousand lights.

Among sunglasses, moccasins, suitcases, mythical bags especially designed to celebrate its 90 years, Gucci has also reinvented a valuable pendant version of a star watch model bearing the seal G. Gucci 1921 Firenze. Square case, clean lines inspired by the 20s, bands in the colors of the house, hand made casing… all codes of the original model worship in a new, playful and elegant version. Located at the end of a leather strap, this jewelry piece is set on a chatelaine matching pouch to protect the case. Thus concealed, the watch pendant, available in leather adorned with a red or camel skin is easily transformed into necklace.

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