Wide Belts

17 Oct

Wide belts are for sure fashion items you have to always have in your wardrobe. They look amazing with almost anything and you can easily transform a boring outfit into something really fabulous. So get yourself a cool looking wide belt and start looking amazing.

The great thing about wide belts is the fact that you can easily update your outfit even if it’s out of fashion. Adding a belt that is trendy will definitely draw the attention to it rather than the rest of the clothes.


There are different styles when it comes to wide belts and if you don’t want to risk just buy a belt in a neutral color that would work well with any outfit. A simple, glitter free belt will definitely do the trick if you are thinking of using it at the office. A glamorous, more colorful belt is perfect to help you be the center of attention at the club.

Wearing your belt the proper way is also important. You need to remember that wide belts are not worn lower on your hips, they are meant to shape the look of your stomach and make your body look like an hourglass. So there are two ways to wear them, either very high under your rib cage or just on your tummy. You will have to use these belts to create a focal point to draw attention to that middle part. You can also use a variety of colorful belts to add some interesting features to your bland costume.

Wide belts are a great way to accessorize without looking that you overdid it, they are wonderful ways to change your look without having to spend too much money.

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