Alexander McQueen

22 Jul

Alexander McQueen was a unique fashion designer from Britain who managed to create amazing clothes with many symbolic elements. He is known to imply dual significance in his clothing by adding contrasting materials.

He was born in 1960 in London and his creative personality led him to choose Art school and later an apprenticeship to help create theatrical costumes. He soon gained a reputation among different designers because his high craftsmanship helped him create almost perfect pieces.


He spent a lot of time traveling to gain experience and inspiration for his clothes and he applied for an art college and later gained his master’s degree in design. His career started rising as soon as Isabella Blow bought his entire collection that he used to graduate. Soon he became AlexanderMcQueen the known designer and started working with Bjork and other important artists.

His style could be described as controversial and he managed to combine dark, taboo, and stylish elements for his collections. One of his collections was called Theatre of Cruelty and it gained him a lot of popularity. A lot of the things he presented attracted a lot of media attention and comments from different fashion designers. Some considered him a genius while others just thought he was mad or trying too much. He gained a popularity of a fashion rebel who managed to break the norms and create something very different than what people were used with in fashion design.

He is considered to be the prodigy child of fashion as he managed to win a lot of awards for his creations at a very early age. He was also the first designer who was invited to participate in MAC cosmetics advertisement and he used the look of Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra for his creative work.

His personal life is quite controversial, he was openly gay and got married with George Forsyth in 2000 but they broke up after one year. He committed a gruesome suicide in 2010 and close friends declared that he was going through a rough period and also took a lot of drugs at the same time after he learned about his mother’s death.

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