Bold Colors For Summer

15 Jun

This summer is all about being out there, being bold and being confident enough to show your beautiful body wrapped in amazing colors. There is absolutely no limit in the colors you can use for your outfit, but let’s look at the trendiest combinations this summer.


Bold Prints

Prints are always in trend, but this summer the key is to be extremely interesting with your prints. This doesn’t mean that you should use the old animal print look, you need to go a little further. Some of the beautiful bold prints you can use are: floral prints, geometric shapes and even other types of abstract prints you can find.  Don’t forget to avoid wearing the same pattern on your entire outfit and make sure that you mix them together somehow.


Pink and Orange

When it comes to colors that stand out, the colors that are best for summer are probably pink and orange, so you should make sure that you use some of these shades in your outfits. They give you a fresh look, your skin will look lovely and you will manage to have a joyful appearance overall. You can choose to wear a pink blazer and an orange blouse, or you can forget about combining them both, just add them with other beautiful and summery colors such as turquoise or yellow. However, remember that tangerine is the star of this season and you will be seeing this color a lot on the runway, so make sure that you have at least one item of clothing or an accessory that has this beautiful shade.


White is not a bold color itself, but in combination with crazier colors and the right accessories it will make you stand out beautifully. You can choose a beautiful white dress for summer and some colorful accessories to create and effortless look that will not go unnoticed.

These are just a few of the colors you can choose, but don’t be afraid to combine them with other prints or even accessories that will make you stand out.  If you don’t want to risk too much, you can just use these colors for your makeup and wear something more plain.

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