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Lucy Liu

10 Jun

The Golden Globes are another event where celebrities get to show off their new outfits and new looks. Unfortunately, it’s also the event where many celebrities will usually show off their bad clothing choices. Lucy Liu was one of the disasters with her stunning but not very flattering dress material. Although the dress in question […]

Naomi Campbell

17 May

Naomi Campbell is a famous British supermodel with a very controversial and interesting life.  She is probably one of the most popular models in the world and one of the top ranked black models. Her career as a model started when she was only 15 but she went public at the age of 7 when […]

Silk Bridal Purse by Oscar de la Renta

27 Feb

A highly elegant bride, wearing an innocent white dress and holding a decadent looking purse… this is probably the image Oscar de la Renta’s creative geniuses had in mind when they designed this exquisite model. As the New York based famous fashion designer has already proved it by his previous award winning collections, there is […]

Tyra Banks – A Worldwide Role Model

5 Aug

Tyra Banks is an American model and one of the most famous African American ad faces and being one of the original Victoria’s Secret Angels. She is extremely successful in the media as she is an actress, occasional singer, businesswoman and author. If there is a model that can be considered multi-talented, that model in […]

Daniella Kallmeyer

17 Jun

If there’s a word that would describe the designs of Daniella Kallmeyer, it is global. Her beautiful patterns will be appreciated by many as they symbolize the way cultures brought together create beautiful pieces of art. She is actually born in South Africa and managed to get a lot of inspiration from that beautiful culture. […]

Christian Dior

3 May

“The woman is more attractive after 35 years, when her first youth is passed, her personality is formed and she feels she needs to be chic”… This sentence belongs to Christian Dior. The history of Dior fashion house is actually the history of its designers. Different, powerful, unpredictable, incomprehensible, but put together they create a […]

Mathieu Mirano

20 Jul

If you are looking for something bold that would definitely take your mind off the boring approaches everybody is doing this year and has been doing for quite some time, you are in for a surprise. Mathieu Mirano is the new fresh face in the fashion industry and has managed to impress with quite a […]

Yves Saint Laurent

19 Apr

Yves Saint Laurent is probably one of the most important people in the fashion industry. He has been often mentioned by the media to be an extremely influential designer and this can be easily seen if we take a look at his original work. He was born in France and he was so good that […]

Chanel Style

13 Feb

Every woman knows the name of the famous Coco Chanel. Even today the style, developed by the French fashion designer, is a symbol of taste. And this symbol is spread far beyond the fashion. Chanel has created a revolution not only in vogue, but also in the mind of her contemporaries, helping women to get […]

Jeanne Lanvin

19 Aug

Born in 1867 within a poor family, the small Jeanne Lanvin did not seem to be destined to end up at the head of a fashion empire. From the age of 13, she began working as a milliner, and the talent is quickly detected. In 1885 she opened her first store. Like another great lady […]