Chanel Quilted Bag

4 Feb

Easily combined with jeans or with an evening gown, the quilted bag designed by Chanel is independent of trends and of the passing of time. This item considered a timeless classic emerged in the year of 1955, in February and took its name after this date (2.55). Gabrielle Chanel, who had already created the first feminine sportswear shops, wanted to allow women to combine comfort and style. Therefore, she created a purse that could be worn on the arm, letting both hands free.


The chain and the Bordeaux lining of the 2.55 eternal model are reminiscent of the fashion designer’s childhood in an orphanage. In fact the lining is the color of the uniforms that the children had to wear in there. The chain shoulder strap is a reminder of the chains worn by the nuns on their waist, to attach the different keys of the institution. But there were also aesthetic reasons as Chanel believed that women adored chains.
The quilted pattern that accompanies different versions of the bag is inspired either by the windows of the abbey where she grew up, or by the jockey suede jackets or by the type of pillows to be found in her apartment from Cambon street.

The bag was originally composed of a double flap on whose exterior side a small zippered pocket that allowed Coco to hide her love letters was fitted. Another small pocket on the back of the bag allowed her to slip the coins inside. The rectangular clasp was often called “mademoiselle” because, although Gabrielle Chanel had many relationships, she never got married. The bag is created at the beginning in two versions, a lambskin model for the day and another in silk or jersey for the evening.

In the 80s, when Karl Lagerfeld took over the House of Chanel, he changed the clasp of the legendary quilted bag with one bearing the trademark logo, the famous interlocking double C. Since then, the famous news creative house has re-edited every year either the initial 2.55 model or the already classical Lagerfeld version.

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