Christian Dior

3 May

“The woman is more attractive after 35 years, when her first youth is passed, her personality is formed and she feels she needs to be chic”… This sentence belongs to Christian Dior.

The history of Dior fashion house is actually the history of its designers. Different, powerful, unpredictable, incomprehensible, but put together they create a coherent whole: the universe of Dior. The founder and first designer of the house was Christian Dior. He was born in 1905 in the town of Granville Normano. In 1911 the small Christian moved with his family to Paris.

The childhood of Christian was quite and carefree. His parents wanted him to become a diplomat, but Christian liked completely different things: music and painting. In 1928 Christian with his friend Jean Bonzhak opened an art gallery, but after the death of the mother and father’s bankruptcy he had to close the gallery. To survive, Christian began to sell his drawings. Sketches of his hats and dresses were published in the magazine Le Figaro Illustre. Later on Dior decided to specialize only on patterns of garments. In 1942 he established Christian perfume laboratory, which grew in time to Christian Dior Perfume Company.

In 1946 Dior opened his own fashion house and after a year he showed his first collection. With the happy idea of the editor of Harper’s Bazaar Caramel Snow, this style is called New Look – the embodiment of sensual femininity, which completely changes the vision for the female look of the time.

After the unexpected death of Dior in 1957, his place was taken by a young and promising designer: Yves Saint Laurent, who started to work for Dior in 1953. He gave a new sound of the New Look in six collections he made for Dior. When Yves Saint Laurent went to the army in 1958, Mark Boan took his place. His collections did not change a lot the fashion history of the house, but they perfectly fit to the spirit of Dior. Boan said that he made clothes for real women, not for the designers, models or fashion magazines. Thanks to his successful initiative New Look of Dior became Slim Look. Simple designs with soft curves, elegant dresses, short jackets and skirts made Dior extremely popular. Clients of Dior during the time of Boan were Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly and her daughter Princess Caroline, Mia Farrow, the Princess of Sweden and many others.

In 1989 Gianfranco Ferre came in Dior. It was a scandal – in the most popular French fashion house to work an Italian… Ferre tryed to bring back the idea of inviolable Christian Dior and the splendid image of the 40 and 50 years of high waist and generous decoration. The success of Ferre in Dior was undoubted. Ferre was awarded a Gold thimble whilst the amount of sales increased and new clients of the fashion house appeared. However, Ferre came back to his own fashion house and Dior invited for a creative director John Galliano.

The époque of Galliano in Dior is estimated as a big change for the French house. We still leave in it and there are many new collections to see.

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