Fashionable Handbags in 2015

22 Jan

This is the perfect time to start your 2015 wish list for cool accessories. The handbags that have been seen on the catwalks for next season are absolutely amazing ad they are all  pretty cool to own. Some of the new handbags have a cool fresh approach to them so if you like to have a great variety of accessories you should definitely check them out. Here are the trendiest styles you will find next season:

Oversized handbags

melie bianco big bag

The oversized handbags trend is starting to come back and this season’s bags are great for those who like to take everything and carry a lot in their bags. These old favourites can come in different shapes or sizes and will certainly ease any problem you might have when it comes to carrying your essentials. There are a lot of styles to choose from but the most common would be the classic tote bag. If you like this style you should check the collections of Moschino, Angelo Marani or Ralph Lauren.

As a shape, oversized handbags will often come in briefcase forms and can complete everyday business looks extremely well. There are also a lot of unusual colours to choose from, pastels, neon shades and even bright colours, all different than what’s usually set for the handbags but definitely an interesting addition to any wardrobe.

Messenger bags and Satchels

A great way to stay comfortable and carry a great amount of weight is wearing Messenger bags. These are perfect for the person who works in an office and has a lot of paperwork to do as well as someone who goes to school. Fashion shows from Christian Dior or Marc Jacobs have been showing them quite a lot recently. When it comes to satchel bags, there are also quite a few colourful options. A satchel bag is great for a more casual outfit so it can fit perfectly to a night out or a fun date.

Envelope and small folded bags

These bags are going to be a great addition to more formal outfits where bigger bags just look inappropriate.  They have a very basic look and sometimes feature interesting elements that make them stand out, for example Swarovski crystals or even unusual fabrics. Sometimes they can be made of metal or exquisite materials and other times they just celebrate simplicity. Their purpose is to hold your essentials while you are at a formal event like a gala or a fancy dinner party.

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