Little Red Dress

19 Jul

Forget about the little black dress, when it comes to a date and you really want to make a good impression, the little red dress is the correct option.  Studies show that people will always find a woman in red more attractive, so why not take advantage of that? However, wearing a red dress doesn’t necessarily mean that you will blow people’s minds. You need to learn how to wear that dress because most women just make wrong combinations when it comes to this outfit.

So what is the little red dress? It’s similar to the little black dress, there’s no pattern that needs to be followed, it can be tight or really flare, that’s up to you.

You need to keep in mind that you have to wear the little red dress with high heels, otherwise it won’t have the effect you’re looking for. Don’t match the shoes with the dress, instead get some black stilettos and a small black clutch for a flawless look.

little Red Dress

Also, you will need to accessorize it properly. Since it stands out on its own you won’t have to exaggerate so wearing simple jewelry is always a plus. Pearls and diamonds will look fabulous but if you don’t have any some other simple cut jewelry will do well.

Makeup should be carefully applied, if you put too much you might end up looking a bit trashy so make sure that you choose something neutral. Brown tones, green tones or grey are perfect as eye shadow and they won’t stand out too much. Red lipstick can be hot if you choose something that goes well with your skin tone and it’s not too much. A lip stain gloss would be better if you are planning to eat or smoke without constantly having to check your makeup.

With all these in mind you will probably have a great date and impress anyone you want but don’t forget about being confident all the time.

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