Lucy Liu

10 Jun

The Golden Globes are another event where celebrities get to show off their new outfits and new looks. Unfortunately, it’s also the event where many celebrities will usually show off their bad clothing choices. Lucy Liu was one of the disasters with her stunning but not very flattering dress material. Although the dress in question looks amazing in a magazine or on the catwalk, it definitely fails to improve Lucy’s look. The first problem with it is the fact that it is very voluminous, making it both hard to wear and hard to actually stand out behind it.

The second thing that makes the dress a bad choice is the fact that it definitely doesn’t go well with petite bodies such as Lucy Liu’s body. Also, the material is very beautiful but the dress has a combination of impeccable white with too many flowers for anybody to handle. This type of fabric would go well with your curtains but definitely not a dress you wear at an important event. And even if you would, being a petite Asian woman doesn’t really make you the perfect candidate for a huge dress. Other than the dress, her makeup is stunning and her hair is absolutely gorgeous so this is not a fashion disaster all the way. Actually it’s quite a shame that she chose that dress and ruined a look that could have been perfect.

Lucy Liu is mostly known mostly from her roles in Charlie’s Angels and Kill Bill and she has been one of the best action celebrities out there in the 2000s. Her career actually gained a big boom when she interpreted the role of Ling in Ally Mc Beal. Since then, she has been a very successful actress but also a film producer. She is currently starring in the contemporary Sherlock Holmes movie as Joan Watson.

Just when you thought that it couldn’t get worse when it comes to oversized dresses since the Bjork Swan episode, here comes Lucy Liu who seems to have a whole garden on her fabric and this is definitely not figuratively speaking.

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