Mathieu Mirano

20 Jul

If you are looking for something bold that would definitely take your mind off the boring approaches everybody is doing this year and has been doing for quite some time, you are in for a surprise. Mathieu Mirano is the new fresh face in the fashion industry and has managed to impress with quite a unique collection at his debut in 2011. Critics say that he managed to use high levels of construction and craft only a pro would have and there’s so much more he can show us in his future collections.

Mathieu Mirano

His collection has a somewhat ethnic approach to its outfits. The sleek lines, the harsh style is very in your face, very assertive, it manages to offer us the painted picture of the modern business woman. Dark colors are dominating with a mix of black, red and yellow, making it even easier to stand out and giving it a timeless quality few brands manage to achieve. A contemporary approach to fabrics manages to impose itself from the very beginning, his collection being somewhat futuristic but without falling into cliché approaches. His elegant pieces are definitely works of art and manage to stand out no matter how you are going to wear them.

He definitely gets his inspiration from the artsy background he has: he says he is inspired by various composers like Camille Saint-Saëns and Philip Glass and his travels in many of the fashion capitals like Milan London, Cairo or Paris, where he surely learned a lot about beautiful design. He studied the School of Fine Arts and went to study afterwards at Parson’s School of Design in New York City. He doesn’t like all the attention glamour has been getting lately and managed to bring us a collection that might stand out even among glamorous clothing. With his level of uniqueness there’s no wonder this collection managed to do this. For fall he has prepared beautiful jackets, gowns and great pants that you can combine to create perfect looks that would fit anybody because they are simply amazing. When you are in need of cutting edge design, Mathieu Mirano is the fashion designer you need.

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