Sheer Dress

14 Jan

If you are fearless and you really want to shock with your trendy look, a sheer dress will definitely do the trick. A sheer dress is a dress made from an almost transparent material that will show everything. Not a style for those who can’t pull it off, this is definitely something for those of you who really have courage.

It is quite trendy and a lot of celebrities were seen wearing it, so if you want to shock people and make sure that they will remember you forever, this is the style to go. You can also combine it with the other trend in fashion, which is the bondage trend. Leather belts and high heels define that style.

As I mentioned earlier, the sheer dress is something really unique and you are only allowed to wear it if you really have something good to show. If your legs are not great and you have a few extra pounds, this is not the right style for you. I’m sure you can find a lot of shocker styles out there that will suit your tastes. You want to be unique and shock, you don’t want to look like you are imitating Cher and her famous see-through outfit.

A sheer dress will go extremely well with lace and it will look amazing if you choose a gypsy style dress that looks like it’s floating and has that light weight feel to it. For fall you can combine it with a nice looking jacket in a neutral color or even a fur jacket in a crazy color.

You can choose a sheer dress as an outfit for a cocktail party and go really innocent with a white one. Make sure that your underwear is the same color as your dress because otherwise, you will be a walking fashion disaster. A floating, maxi white dress is the perfect choice while is still hot outside and definitely something you can wear in those first days of autumn.

If you aren’t that courageous and still want to wear a sheer dress or skirt, you can choose one that doesn’t show that much skin and has a pattern that covers all the important parts. Simply add some nice looking boots and a bit of makeup and you are ready for a great party.

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