Silk Bridal Purse by Oscar de la Renta

27 Feb

A highly elegant bride, wearing an innocent white dress and holding a decadent looking purse… this is probably the image Oscar de la Renta’s creative geniuses had in mind when they designed this exquisite model. As the New York based famous fashion designer has already proved it by his previous award winning collections, there is no room for regression or depression within contemporary fashion trends. On the contrary, the silhouettes are slender; fashion trends favor luxurious fabrics, vibrant colors and a clever combination of classic and modern elements.

This nicely decorated white purse can become an original and unexpected accessory that will highlight any sophisticated woman’s personality and individuality. The small bridal bag is adorned by white typically wedding ribbons, silk flowers and an application of pearls and artificial crystals. The detachable shoulder strap-chain emphasizes the beauty and refinery of this lovely bag. Inside, there is only a zipped pocket and a plaque bearing the designer’s logo, while a magnetic clasp serves as closing mechanism. Although the combination of materials and forms in this flower patterned model may look unusual, it certainly draws attention and attracts a great deal of interest.

This wedding accessory is so perfect, that there is a slight confusion – where is the decadent look the Dominican artist has accustomed his public with? It cannot lie in the satin light blue lining as it embodies the bridal freshness and sensuality. Moreover, it is a response to the “something blue” requirement. In fact, contemporary decadence means luxury and glamour, elegance and extravagance, all in the same fashion item. That is why this bag by Oscar de la Renta is suitable not only for brides. It can accessorize an elegant outfit and provide a touch of style to the simplicity of a classic evening gown. The bag will go perfectly both with the official style of clothing and with the romantic one. Therefore, if you go to a cocktail or to a romantic dinner, don’t forget this luxurious accessory.

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