Spectacular 2015 Nail Trends

25 Aug

When it comes to having the trendiest nail polish the problem of texture is often times more important than color. This means that if you truly want to be ahead of the curve when it comes to nail fashion in 2015 you should definitely try to go all out with the design of your nails without focusing too much on the color.

The following list of suggestions might put you on the right track when it comes to finding a design that works for your overall style and look, one that makes you a big hit in fashion terms for next year.

Moon Type Nails

Moon type nails are possibly the biggest trend of the 2015 season and the best part of it is that experimenting, adding and changing things is highly encouraged. The most popular color for this design is the shading between Bordeaux and black. The nail shape doesn’t necessarily have to be half-circular as different approaches such as arrow shaped nails are also a big hit. If you’re looking for brands think Noon Noor, Zimmermann, Charlotte Ronson, Alexandre Herchcovitch, Zang Toi, Azede Jean Pierre, Tadashy Shoji and many more.


If you like diversity then 2015 will definitely be your year. If the moon shape doesn’t work for you should definitely go for the striped pattern. Most of them will be vertical while the size of the stripes is really up to you and the colors you want to mix in there. Speaking of colors, you will probably love trendy combinations like red and black, Bordeaux and blue, particularly pale blue. You can even go for a complimentary color for each nail if you want and can carry that much color well. You just might be inspired by Mathieu Mirano, Nonoo or Cynthia Rowley.

Out of the Box, Extravagant Nails

Thinking out of the box is always good advice when it comes to fashion trends and with winter 2015 you will love the ideas that some of the biggest fashion designers have brought to the table. The biggest innovation is the all painted fingertip coined by stylist Thom Browne and Creatures.

Fantasy Nails

If you want to give your nails a magical, fantasy look then you should look at some of the most popular techniques for next year. They include ombre and grandiant textures which produce a unique atmosphere, perfect for any fantasy lover. If you want to go all out and more importantly, if you have the time you can consider a unique design for each nail.

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