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Jennifer Lopez

8 Jul

Everybody knows Jennifer Lopez as being a singer and pretty good one too. During her career she managed to get involved in a lot of different things and when she started out, her mind wasn’t even on singing, but on dancing and acting. She was fist seen as a dancer on the comedy show In […]

Chanel Quilted Bag

4 Feb

Easily combined with jeans or with an evening gown, the quilted bag designed by Chanel is independent of trends and of the passing of time. This item considered a timeless classic emerged in the year of 1955, in February and took its name after this date (2.55). Gabrielle Chanel, who had already created the first […]

Elegance with Burberry

24 Jul

Created in 1859 by Thomas Burberry and headquartered in the UK, Burberry is a brand that manufactures clothing, accessories and luxury perfumes, but is well known especially of its line of men warm clothes. It all started in a winter day in 1856, when Thomas Burberry, a draper’s apprentice, consulted his physician for a problem […]

Alexander McQueen

22 Jul

Alexander McQueen was a unique fashion designer from Britain who managed to create amazing clothes with many symbolic elements. He is known to imply dual significance in his clothing by adding contrasting materials. He was born in 1960 in London and his creative personality led him to choose Art school and later an apprenticeship to […]