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Small Fashion Items That Fit In A Handbag

15 Mar

What is in a woman’s handbag remains a mystery but there are a few fashion items that are sure to be in there. These are essentials that every woman should have and they guarantee a fashionable look no matter the occasion. While they might be small, their importance can be huge and they always change […]

Yves Saint Laurent

19 Apr

Yves Saint Laurent is probably one of the most important people in the fashion industry. He has been often mentioned by the media to be an extremely influential designer and this can be easily seen if we take a look at his original work. He was born in France and he was so good that […]

Fashion Trends After 40

11 Sep

It is very easy to be 20: all fashion trends and designers collections are developed towards the target group of young girls and women with still perfect bodies. But what women after 30 or 40, and even 50 can do? Should they star out of the border of fashion trends and wear the clothes of […]