Teenage Fashion

30 Aug

Teenagers are probably even more concerned with their physical aspect than adults, so it’s important to give them some good advice when it comes to trends because they can easily go wrong.

Crazy Fashion – when it comes to crazy sub trends in fashion, teens will be the first to experiment them. There’s nothing wrong with that because you have the right to be crazy while you are a teenager and what better age to experiment than that? However, make sure that the crazy style that is trendy right at this moment really suits you and you won’t make a fool of yourself. We know how sensible teens are when they get something wrong about their physical appearance, so being aware of what you wear is a good thing. If you want to look good all the time without risking too much, just keep it simple. Use the trendy colors and some of the trendy outfits but never go overboard trying to be something that you are not. Besides, spending your money on fashion that will be out in a few months is not the most rational thing to do when you don’t have a job.

Keep makeup natural – when it comes to makeup teens will probably use it a lot because they might have acne. However, using a lot of foundation, concealer, and powder will only make your face look cakey so make sure that you are just using the essentials. Pat your concealer on your acne and then use tinted moisturizers instead of foundation. Also, if you want to prevent your face from becoming shiny, just use some HD powder or translucent powder which will just keep your skin matte.

 Beautiful Women

Make improvements – always try to make improvements when it comes to your look; avoid being boring and make sure that you always try something new and get feedback. Reinvent yourself everyday and make sure that you stay positive no matter how bad things are looking. There’s nothing more beautiful than a smile.


Accessories – accessories are really important and this year’s trends will definitely show you how a belt, a piece of jewelry or a crazy handbag can bring out the most of your outfit. Because you are a teen you are allowed to wear crazy and childish accessories without looking odd, so take advantage of that and experiment with these crazy styles that we see on the catwalks nowadays.

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