The Color Fairytale

19 May

The word “rave” has a broad spectrum of meanings. It means music event – a rave party. The word was originally used to describe the wild bohemian parties in Soho, west London. Later, in the early 60s of 20 century it started to be used for any wild party. People, who are sworn “party animals”, were described by the term “raver.”

Rave is also the electronic music of the 80s – mainly Acid house and Techno. The word “rave” was already used to point this entire subculture that grew out of Acid House movement. Rave events were organized mainly in the party atmosphere of the infamous island of Ibiza. Under the pretext of fear of massive use of “party drugs”, the authorities prohibit the rave parties completely.

rave colors

But for fans rave is more than a subculture: rave is a religion. It has its loyal devotees and holidays in the worship of his god – the music (“God is a DJ”). The underground rave fans invent original ways to find their friends and inform about upcoming events. In England, the location is reported on a secret radio, which dates back to the dawn of this culture. And in the U.S. today, there is the practice to distribute puzzles whose solution will lead you to the party!

Rave has always had its own fashion. From the very beginning ravers liked bright colors, painted clothes and smiling faces to be part of their club fashion. At the beginning of the 1990s working overalls, white gloves, whistles, light sticks and teats were quickly adapted as classic rave clothing and accessories. Some of them were practical, other increase the effect of drugs, third glow under UV light and the laser beams. The pouches in the waist were quickly abandoned, together with the nipples. Although some still wear whistles, they are generally avoided because they prevent the 100 percent perception of the music. Workers’ overalls and white gloves are still in use, but already in combination with the complex Cyber club fashion – hairy leggings and gloves.

Freedom to express yourself through clothes you wear to the club is one of the main pillars in the music world. Original design and vibrant colors have evolved over the years to reach the leading fashion over a short period. Leggings, worn by ladies during the party-years, now are converted into small, emerging body additions, like sexy hot pants (or short shorts), mini-dresses with pleats at the bottom (rara dress), following the figure tops, etc. Sparkling with neon colored clothing and shirts with smiling faces from the early Acid House grew into reflective jackets, work jackets, white gloves and accessories. The reflective tape became a very important element, which is sewn on the edges of pants, blouses and even remains a loose band of the pockets.

The key to rave fashion is really being yourself to an extreme degree. Rave culture is a culture of positive expression and thought. You are a visual reflection of what you think, speak, your favorite hobbies. It is something like a form of unselfish self-promotion. The raver does not think about clothes as clothing, but as a uniform that represents a great person.

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